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  • Cleaning of your teeth is an oral hygiene practice that you should practice regularly. No matter how you clean, there are still parts of your mouth you can’t clean yourself. With professional help and good home oral care, you can resolve these problems.

    Dental scaling at our dental clinic Dubai removes any plaque, calculus, or surface staining from the teeth. The plaque and calculus will allow bacterial accumulation around your teeth to cause mild irritation and inflammation of gums (gingivitis) or severe gum infections (periodontitis). Bacteria and infections causing bleeding gums are removed with the scaling procedure.

    Tooth polishing leaves your tooth enamel (outer white layer) glossy and smooth. Though it does not have any cosmetic benefits, it freshens your breath and helps avoid calculus formation when paired with scaling.

    Our Dentist recommends regular teeth cleaning and polishing to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The bacterial colonies in the calculus or gums might enter your bloodstream to cause more severe health problems if not taken seriously. That is why it is recommended to get your teeth professionally cleaned once every six months.

    Your search for dental scaling and polishing near me can now find Pearl Clinic to solve all your oral hygiene and gum problems.