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Is your tooth damaged or decayed? We help you restore its original shape and function at our tooth filling dental clinic. We at Pearl Clinic use the latest and safest materials to make aftercare easier for you to last for a long time.

Tooth Fillings replace your damaged tooth structure to restore the tooth integrity and prevent further damage. The procedure includes removing decayed tooth structure and bacteria (for tooth decay) and closing the area with filling materials to prevent further deterioration. If your tooth damage is through trauma, we replace the missing area with appropriate materials to restore its shape. Restorations with  dental veneers can remove the marks and discoloration on your teeth that dental cleaning cannot.

At our dental clinic here in Dubai we use the best of materials to provide quality and good service to our patients

 We help you choose the suitable material that best fits your requirements as well as the right shades to match your natural tooth color, making tooth-colored fillings virtually indistinguishable from your healthy teeth.

The latest instruments at our clinic make the procedure faster and efficient. Our patient-friendly staff is ready to answer all your queries. Here at our dental clinic in Dubai your appointment is now quicker and hustle-free with our painless dental treatment procedures.